The upcoming episode of Imlie starts with Malini as Malini asks her mother to take medicines so that her health recovers soon and she feels better. Anu tells her that I cannot feel good as long as that girl Imlie is present in this house. Malini gets annoyed and says that what that little girl has done to you, you are always after her. Have you ever thought about how he feels when you misbehave with him? How would you feel if your husband lied to you and talked to another woman? Malini says that I am sure she did not tell you because she knows that you will never support her.


In the next scene, Malini asks Anu what exactly happened to you because from my childhood days I have only been hearing that my father went to Pagadandiya for his work, but I want to know what is really there It always happened that you have doubts. In addition, Anu says do you think I always doubted my father like this?

She says no, even there is love between us and at the same time there is a symbol of our love in our life, but from the day he went to the footpath, my whole existence collapsed and my life became dark. Sometime later, Aditya comes to give an idol of Goddess Sita to Imlie, and at that time Imlie is present in her room and is going to sleep. Imlie is happy to see the idol of goddess Sita and thanks Aditya.

On the other hand, Imlie advises Aditya not to feel bad for Anu’s words and says that she is always like this and that behind all her words is a hidden love for Malini. After that, Malini takes the idol by her hand and places it in the temple, and asks her that you are now officially an integral part of our family. Along with this, the episode ends.


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