Here we are back with the written update of the latest episode. This show is running with the great TRP on television. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with the saint telling Imlie to be careful always as nothing is the same. If she is so happy, she will lose something or get upset within a moment. Imlie gets confused and suddenly she can’t find Aryan around her. Arpita meets a recruit who comes to take money from Narmada. He demands money from Arpita saying she called them to finish a girl’s chapter. Nila changes the topic and says she has called him for furniture work. She scolds the man and tells him to finish his work soon.

Imlie, Latest Episode 6th May 2022 Written Update

Imlie panics and goes into the middle of the street Three cars are about to hit her but the girl has saved her. Imlie screams and then the girl takes her aside. Imlie says she doesn’t recognise her she is searching for her husband. The girl tells her name, Jyoti. She advises her to close her eyes and think that her husband is coming toward her as the universe completes her wishes which are pure.

Imlie closes her eyes and then she finds Aryan is crossing the street and drinking water. Imlie holds him by his collar saying why he vanished suddenly like Mr India. She was really tense. He says he just went to buy water as he was having issues due to smoke. He tells her leave him and Jyoti says Imlie cares for him.

Aryan sees surprised to see Jyoti and hugs her. He calls her to say she is a college friend. Jyoti says she was watching them for some days and she shows two notes to Aryan saying if he can recall this. Flashback starts, during the farewell party Aryan gets irritated with his bowtie and he throws it into the dustbin and swears to never wear it again. She thinks Aryan will be a perfect life partner and later if they will not find anyone they will get married to each other. Aryan replies she will find someone for sure. Flashback ends.

Aryan asks Jyoti still remembers everything. He says that why she didn’t meet him before, she says her fortune is very bad that she got divorced from her husband after was having extramarital affair and she added that maybe they were not made for each other. When Jyoti tells her that she is staying in the hotel then Imlie insists her to stay with them in their house Aryan says the universe will listen to Jyoti but Imlie won’t. On the other hand, Sundar panics and prepares for the interview. Arpita tells him not to change his personality but he can answer from his heart. Nila taunts him. Episode ends.


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