The famous is running with good with the story and entertaining twist. Yes very talking about Imlie. The show has taken an amazing turning point. Now we will tell you all the things with the written update. On the basis of the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with, Imlie getting emotional thinking about Arpita, Narmada, and Arayn’s happiness for the baby. She thinks Aryan is trying to cheer her up to make her happy. So she should also support him and should be happy.

Imlie 28th May 2022 Full Written Update

After that Narmada comes to her and says she should visit Baba who treats Women’s Infertility With Jharphook/Superstitious Ritual. Imlie says this is not right and she doesn’t believe in this. Narmada says she has to accept that she has some problems to birth a baby and added that she should go there for family happiness. Aryan comes there and asks where are they going she replies that they are going to Baba Ji he sings amazingly. Aryan says her to finish her work first.

At baba’s place, baba announces the miracle. Nila shows pregnant ladies to Narmada. Narmada Says She Just Needs A Heir For Her Family. Imlie hears too much demand for money she realizes that he is just a greedy Baba. He asks where is sinner Bahu, who has committed lots of sins in her past. Narmad says she will pay any amount for her grandchildren. He says If Imlie wants her own blood so she has to slit her hand and drop 100 drops of blood in a pot.

Imlie gets denies doing this and comes outside. She cries and she meets a girl and plays with her. Her mother drags her away to Imlie and says that she will not let her daughter be influenced by a sinner. Imlie says that Baba is fake and they got pregnant with their fortunate, not Superstitious Rituals. They should not ruin their lives in this fake trap.

Narmada warns her to shut up if she can’t respect her request. She asks her to leave Arayan if she can’t follow the rituals and her instruction. After that, she will get married to Gudiya for her Legal heirs. Nila provokes her to say that she is with Arayan to fill her needs. Narmada says Imlie had some issues with her marriage. So she had to divorce her first husband. Nila says even Aditiya leaves Ilmie because of her defect. Narmada says to Imlie again to either complete the rituals or leave Aryan. Episode ends.


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