We are back with another written update of Imlie 27th May 2022. The Episode starts with  Imlie getting emotional remembering her baby shower and then she sees the gift given by Arpita. She puts them in the cupboard and thinks about how Aryan is doing his best to keep her happy, then she should not spoil her mood, She diverts her mind to other things and Narmada comes. She asks Imlie to get ready as she has to perform a ritual. She gets confused and asks what kind of ritual she has to perform.

Imlie 27th May 2022 Written Update

Narmada says she has to go to Baba for some Jharphook through which her infertility issue will get okay and she can get pregnant after that. Imlie gets shocked after hearing Narmada, she says that these Baba and superstition things are fake. Narmada blames Imlie that Aryan cant become a father because of her flaw, and if she really cares for Aryan and his family, she has to go with her. Aryan comes and asks them what they are talking about, and Imlie diverts the topic and he leaves.

When they reach Babaji’s Ashram Nila, they tell them that this lady got pregnant only because of Babaji’s ritual and blessings. Narmada gets happy, also Imlie listens to some other pandits saying that he is greedy and takes a huge amount of money for private pooja. Babaji looks at Imlie and says she has done many sins in her past this is the reason she can’t be pregnant, but he has some remedy, which removes the negative energy from her, he says Imlie has to slit her hand with a knife and give 100 drops of blood, she gets numb and refuses. She gets angered and says he is just marauding everyone, making a fool and leaves.

Narmada asks Nila what she can do that Imlie gets ready to perform this ritual. Nila tells her to give Imlie a warning, if she doesn’t, she will separate her from Aryan and Gudiya will be her future partner. Imlie sitting on the chair, crying. Narmada comes to Imlie and says if she didn’t perform the ritual, she will get Aryan married to Gudiya. Nila says if she can marry a second time for her needs, then Aryan can do this. Narmada says she broke the happy family, by her flaws. She cried after listening to those words from her. Narmada says if she didn’t agree to do this ritual, she will tie the Aryan knot with Gudiya. The episode ends.


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