The most famous show is running with the great TRP on television. This show has accumulated good TRP and fan following. Yes, we are talking about Imlie, we will tell you all the highlights with the written update. On the basis of the promo videos, the show is ready to take a turning point. The latest episode starts with, Aryan telling Imlie that they spoke everything except one and asks if she can say that. She asks him not to go. He feels saddened. Imlie is trying to say those words, which Aryan said to her. Aryan says him to explain her feelings, then all their feelings. She kisses him on his cheeks. She is close to him and she loves him.


Jyoti returns to the jungle and does not find Aryan and Imlie there thinks Aryan must have saved Imlie. She asks the officers of the forest. They say they didn’t get any details, but fill out. Jyoti gets angry thinking she cannot let Imlie get Aryan, she deserves Aryan. Back to the lighthouse, Aryan arranged a dry grass bed for Imlie. Imlie says that she wants to capture with a photo that he has made a grass bed for her.

He tries to go outside to for more grass for himself. She stops him and says him to share the bed then they share the bed and see each other. Imlie gets shy.  She lies again saying he is her choice for her whole life from hereon. They both get feelings for each other. A romantic song plays in the background. They both wake up after some time and sit nervously. He asks if she is fine. She says and asks if he is happy with what happened the last night. Narmada calls him and he picks up the call but due to the network issues, he can’t talk. Aryan says now they should go now.

Jyoti tells that she has searched for them everywhere but they didn’t find them. Nila starts her drama and says she definitely take him to her village. Then they arrived and tell they are fine. Narmada scolds him where he was then he told about the last night’s incident. Gudiya says that is why Jyoti couldn’t find them even after knowing their location. Aryan gets shocked and says she knows that he is with Imlie then why she goes there. Gudiya and Nila scold her for flopping the plan she says her plan turns into another point. Episode ends. Stay tuned for more updates.


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