Here we are back with the most interesting and entertaining show. This show is running with the great TRp on television. Yes, we are talking about Imlie. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be thrilling. So the latest episode starts with Aryan telling Imllie that he needs time to overcome the pain of losing Arvind. She says he is injured so should sleep on the bed, he says he is listening to her once, but from tomorrow he is her boss. She says she knows that nothing more can happen between them. The next morning Imlie talks to Madhav regarding recommending him for the job in Aryan’s office. Madhav tells he had no idea Aryan is his husband. She says him to focus on work as she trusts he deserves a chance to prove his work.

Imlie, 20th April 2022 Full Written Update

Arpita plans a date Imlie and gets confused about other arrangements. She asks for help from Sundar he agrees. Rupy teases Sundar. Aryan comes and Imlie calls him sir etc. He asks her what’s the issue, and she hesitates to say and gets nervous. Aryan listen to her curiously that she might utter those beautiful words. Imlie says that she wants a job from him after this he says that nothing is essential for her rather than a job.

Imlie tells about Madhav and he agrees to give chance to Madhav. Aryan tries to search his wallet then Imlie gives him his wallet with a watch and kerchief. Aryan says don’t believe like a typical wife. She says he could have thought earlier about this but not now. Now they are stuck together. They are about to leave for the office and Imlie sees the door is not opening. He calls Arpita and she says today they will not go home, they will work from home. They got surprised to hear that they are going to date. They deny it first but have no choice. Gudiya informs Nila. Nila breaks the food plates in anger to know that Arpita is trying to unite Aryan and Imlie.

Sundar helps Arpita and the latter thanks him for taking out time from his busy day. Aryan calls his secretary for submitting all the articles on time.  Secretary gives him good wishes for a date and he thinks Arpita shouldn’t have told her this. Imlie comes out after dressing up, she likes her and he says that her back thread is open and is not tied yet. He ties the threads with closed eyes and then compliments her. Imlie says that expensive food is not important, and important is how a man treats the woman.  He makes her understand with his good gestures. Imlie laughs listening to his talk. They behave like they are on a date. Aryan then says Imlie to dance with him for the date.


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