We are sharing a written update on the most famous show. This show is running well with the outstanding TRP on television. “Imlie” is a very entertaining show. People love to watch this show. According to the promo videos, the show is taking a turning point. The latest episode starts with Imlie gaining consciousness in the hospital and she tries to meet Aryan but the Nurse stops her saying Aryan is fine. He comes to Imlie and they hug each other and he tells about the promotion Bhashkar times. Imlie gets happy and she tells him about her pregnancy and all the situation and how she got to know that she is pregnant. He gets happy to hear this. The nurse tells them to get some rest and he leaves.

Imlie 1st June 2022 Written Update

Aryan gets his fertility reports from the doctor which say he can’t become a father, he gets shocked to hear that leaves with the report. Jyoti gets stressed that Imlie is going to be a mother and Aryan also knows that. The doctor comes and says there was some confusion, that was not the right report means Aryan has no fertility issues. He can be a father. Jyoti says she will give the reports to Aryan but she thinks that she will not give the right reports. She gets happy thinking now Aryan will never know he can be a father and he will doubt Imlie’s character.

Imlie introduces her family member to her unborn kid and says the family will love her/him a lot the child. She says especially her/his father will love the most. At home, Sundar and Arpita hide two gifts from each other and ask what are they hiding. Jyoti imagines Aryan is getting mad at Imlie and drags and he will accept Jyoti. Jyoti’s dream ends and Aryan and Imlie take their gifts. Aryan and Imlie find diapers in the gift. Imlie and Arpita tease him that he should start the practice. Jyoti thinks how can Aryan behave so nicely. Why he is not doubting Imlie.

Jyoti tries to see Arayn’s report and asks What is he hiding from her he can tell her. She learned from the doctor about his fertility issues. Aryan says the report was false like in Imlie’s case. He says conducted the test privately and the report will come by evening. Jyoti thinks Aryan is not affected by this news. Then you will see Madhav will come into the home with the Ladoos. Nila says why he is getting involved in their family matter. Jyoti tries to swap Aryan’s but he sees it. He finds that he has real issues to be a father. He got upset. Jyoti thinks now she will use Madhav in her plan to provoke Aryan.


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