Here we are sharing a written update of the famous show. This show is running with the great TRP on television. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Imlie making food for Narmada and Jyoti coming to her. Jyoti says Narmada insulted her but still she is cooking for her. Imlie says she didn’t mind because Narmada is like her mother and mother if a mother can love her daughter so she can slap as well. Jyoti says she wishes she could get some love from this family.


Imlie says to her why is she thinking this, the whole family loves her.  Jyoti says she meant Aryan’s love as he is her best friend and shared with her what is his equation with Imlie. Jyoti asks Imlie if she feels for Aryan. Imlie tries to change the topic. Jyoti thinks before Aryan and Imlie confess their feeling she has to separate them. Imlie gives food to Narmada and the latter asks her to leave. Imlie asks her to forgive and asks for another chance. Narmada says she has already been given another chance but she is not accepting and she asks her not to show drama. Imlie says this is not Drama and she actually wants her forgiveness.

Narmada says she feels like she should take back all rights and love from Imlie. She leaves and Imlie cries and Aryan sees her cry. He tries to console her but Arpita comes and takes him aside. She says to him that if Imlie is just his employee then why does he want to support her emotionally. She asks her to confess her feelings in front of Imlie. If he will confess her feelings then she will get the strength and power to deal with the problems.  Aryan agrees with her and goes to talk to Imlie. Jyoti takes Aryan somewhere else and makes him sit. He tells her that he is going to tell her his feelings. Jyoti gets furious and tells him that he should tell his best friend first.

Aryan tells Jyoti that he is sure that he should tell Imlie his feelings. He goes to Imlie. Imlie comes out of the washroom after taking shower and Aryan stares at her. Aryan gets mesmerized and she dries her hair. He goes behind her but does not say anything. She then asks why he is silent and didn’t wake up.

Imlie prays to Sita Maiya and Aryan also prays without telling her. He asks for any hint that she loves him. Then she touches his face. He thanks Mata Rani for the hint. She looks at her surprisingly and asks him why he behaving strangely, he didn’t get angry she checks his forehead. He holds her hand saying nothing is wrong with him, He will tell her everything. Imlie gets shy. Episode ends.


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