Here we are sharing a written update of the most famous show this show is running with the great TRP on television. According to the promo videos show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Imlie saying she knows how to clear the traffic she hits a car from the back and the driver gets mad at Imlie. Imlie says if they will not give her space she will hit the car. Then all give her space to let her go. Madhav praises her that she is very intelligent. Imlie tells the nurse that she brought the donor and there Jyoti gives the blood to the doctor for Aryan.

Imlie, Latest Episode 13th May 2022 Written Update

Narmada thanks Jyoti for saving Aryan’s life. He struggles to breathe. Jyoti tells Namada that it was their positive thinking which helped her arrange the blood for Aryan and she can do this just to save her best friend. Imlie sees Aryan looks better and she thanks Jyoti for arranging the blood pouch for him. Imlie ties to talk Narmada but Narmada slaps her in anger. Imlie gets shocked and asks is she angry with her. Arpita asks her mother why she did this. Narmada says to her not to interfere.

Narmada takes Imlie aside and says she used to think Imlie suffered in her life a lot she says that she didn’t realize that she is taking revenge. She used her first husband and sent him out of India. Aparna is upset due to that and Imlie broke an entire family. She says that she is more mature than her age and wants to succeed in her life by using rich men. Narmada says she didn’t care for Arayan and that’s why she leaves him alone.

Narmada says to her that one day she will ditch Aryan and married with another rich man. Imlie gets upset to hear this. Narmada orders her not to get close to Aryan until he recovers. The doctor gives permission to meet Aryan’s family to him.  Aryan thanks Sundar for handling everything well. Gudiya says she also prayed for his recovery. Narmada gives credits to save Aryan.

Arpita hugs him and Aryan asks for Imlie. Aryan tries to meet Imlie but Narmada stops her. Aryan gets shocked to notice Narmada’s rude attitude. Imlie was doing her job and Aryan gets shocked to see Narmada’s rude attitude. He says Nila’s influence can be seen in Narmada. Narmada says that Imlie applied black magic on him and she can even leave him. Episodes end.


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