Imlie 6th June 2022 Today Written Update Episode: Here we are back with the written update of the latest episode of Imlie. This show is running well with the great TRP on television. People love to watch this show. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Imlie asking Madhav if he is fine. Aryan attacks him out of misunderstanding. Aryan says he thought Madhav is hurting Imlie. Imlie says that she called Madhav’s name as he fell down.

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Madhav says Imlie is his first friend in Delhi and he can she belongs to his own village. She can’t hurt Imlie. Imlie says sorry to Madhva on behalf of Aryan. Imlie asks Aryan that he never accuse anyone without strong proof then how he raised his hand on Madhav. Aryan tells her why makes friends easily and spends time with them without knowing about their background? She should be careful. Imlie says he has a problem with Madhav that’s why he didn’t praise him. Aryan says he didn’t include it because he is new to joining. Imlie 6th June 2022 Today Written Update Episode

Imlie says Madhav has done three projects with her. Aryan says maybe he was trying to help himself not Imlie. Imlie tells he wants to grab heights with his efforts then he can’t be selfish. Imlie asks him to believe in Madhav and but he avoids the topic Imlie says that he should consider his employee equally. Arayan calls Jyoti to see the footage, Jyoti gets scared and thinks about how will she arrange the fake footage.

She calls someone for help. Imlie doesn’t talk to him in anger. They talk to each other in mind. Imlie thinks Aryan should ask her anything except about the sting operation night. Aryan thinks he has an issue to be a father and Imlie doesn’t remember about the sting operation night and Madhav is also not telling anything.

Aryan is desperate to find the answers. Aryan asks her for a date, she says she is not in the mood to fall in a muddy pool again.  He kisses her cheek and leaves for work. Imlie says him that she wants to go office and Madhav also needs the help. Aryan says Madav will make the on his own. She asks her why is he angry with Madhav. She says she wants to see the baby’s father and she tries to take a photo of Aryan but he goes from there without giving any pose. You will see Jyoti will try to provoke Imlie by saying Aryan is stopping her to work and complete her dreams.

She says that she will not listen to a word against his husband and says that he is the one who has always helped to fulfill her dreams. Later, She gives the idea to call Madhav in the house Imlie agrees and she calls. Aaryan got to know about that. Imlie feels that someone is standing out of her room. She tries to see that Aryan comes there. Aryan grabs someone in the hall then Jyoti tells him that he is her ex-husband. He asks what was he doing near the Imlie’s room. Jyoti says Madhav has come here. He gets furious to hear this. Episode ends.

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