Imlie 28th July 2022 full episode written update: Aryan Feels Imlie’s Presence: Here we are back with the latest update of the Imlie. According to the promo video, this episode commences with Chini taking Imlie to Aryan’s room saying they must thank him by meeting him. Aryan feels Imlie’s presence and he gets out her anklet from his wallet. He sees that and remembers a moment. In flashback, Aryan says Imlie has no idea since when he is holding her anklet with him. Imlie feels glad and insists that Aryan tell from when is he doing that. Is it before marriage? Here we have more information about the episode and we will share it with you in this article, so let’s continue the article. Follow More Updates On

Imlie 28 July 2022 Written Update

Aryan nods and after that Aryan gets romantic with her and says she is perfect for him just as the anklet is. Imlie says but the anklet is faded and it is parts got broken. Aryan says if she sees from his eyes it is still lovely. He pulls her closer and Imlie but she does not have anything which will remind her of him. She takes his kerchief and sprays perfume on it. She says this fragrance will remind her of Aryan. Aryan says but the fragrance will go away.

She says before that he will return to him then they hug each other and the flashback ends. Aryan thinks why does he feel like Imlie is near him? Imlie knocks on his door and he opens it. He sees her from behind but she gets busy talking to the police. She signs on a paper that will help them carry on the inquiry. On the other side, Aryan gets a call from Malini and asks her why is she calling repeatedly. She says because he left everything here without thinking about his company’s reputation.

Does Aryan say she never needed his help then why does she need it now? He says he will not come back until he destroys the news channel which went against Bhaskar Times. Chini is about to call him but Imlie says he may be busy on the call so they will meet him later. Malini gets angry as her plan flopped and Aryaan is not coming back. Anu suggests she marry an Aryan to control him. Malini says that marriage is not the only way but she also has other ways to handle herself. She even used his kid to separate him and Tamarind so that he could do anything. The episode ends here, so don’t forget to watch the full episode of the Imlie on the star plus channel. Stay tuned for more updates.


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