The latest episode of Imlie begins with Imlie as Imlie asks everyone that all the preparations are done properly. In addition, she is overwhelmed by the decoration and is happy to know that Malini is the main role behind all these preparations. Aparna gives sweets to Imlie and she compliments everyone. On the other hand, Malini is happy to see her parents there and she welcomes them and asks her mother why she did not follow the theme properly. She says I definitely followed the theme but I did not have such cheap clothes.imlie

In the next scene, Imlie is too eager to dance and in the eagerness, she accidentally burns her hand and this causes her pain. Everyone becomes conscious of him and Aditya scolds him for being irresponsible at this stage. Imlie feels hopeless and Malini asks Aditya not to abuse her like this. On the other hand, goes to prepare tea and breakfast for the beautiful imlie and the rest of the members of the household.

Other people start dancing again and Imlie feels that this party is for me and they have made me sit like a robot.  Dev comes to her and asks if you want to dance and she innocently says yes. In the next scene, we will get to see lots of drama in the show and we see that Malini finds one thing and Malini refuses and says that Aditya got it from Imlie’s room in the hospital. Hearing this, Anu gets angry and She goes from there.

On the other side, everyone is dancing in the hall when he throws the Tiffin carrier to the floor with full force. All people stop dancing at the sound of it. Anu shouts in the middle of the party and asks Dev why he lied to her? Dev says no longer pay attention to this subject and depart towards your home. Meanwhile, Dev goes out of the house and is about to accidentally collide, so that Imlie saves him and seeing Malini, she urges him to save and handle herself, with this the episode ends.


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