The episode starts with Aditya enters Imlie’s room and see a photo frame. He says that Malini is missing her daughter that’s why she sent it. Dev gets emotional after watching Mithi’s painting. He wants to apologize to her for not being a good husband and betrayed her. He says that his daughter is in hospital and he can’t look after her. Anu enters the room and asks him that why does he talk to this painting only. He says that he is not in the state of talking to anyone. She says that I am your wife and this is my right to know that why you are drunk and behaving like this. He angrily speaks that you have ruined my life. You don’t want my mother to live with us.Imlie 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Latest Today Update: Imli Send Rice Pudding to Aditya

You have tried to ruin Malini’s life too. She says that I have saved your life when you were having not a penny to pay your bills. If I hadn’t helped you then you would have been in the Pagdandiya. Aditya returns home with a tiffin box in his hands. He asks Aparna why didn’t she bring that, she says that this is not our tiffin, Maybe there is some confusion. Then they reach the hospital to get Imlie discharged. She calls Nidhi and informs that they are taking her home so they can finish the party preparations soon. Aditya asks which party. She says that this is a welcome party for Imlie.

Pankaj says Imlie is not returning from the hospital, not school. They entered Imlie’s room and sees that she is doing aarti of nurse and Doctor. She thanks them to save her life. Aditya scolds her for her childish act. She says that she wants to thank him if he would allow it. Anu informs Dev that they need to go to Imlie’s welcome party as Malini invited them. Dev refuses to go. Anu says she doesn’t want to go as the chief guest is a maid. Dev scolds Anu and says her name is Imlie. Anu tries to argue but he walks out of the room.

Dev says that he will go to the party if she doesn’t want to come she can stay here. Anu is shocked by his behavior and thinks why he is attached to a maid. Imlie reaches home and she is surprised to see her surroundings similar to the village. Everyone in the house has worn the village attire and they loudly say “Surprise”. Imlie is happy to see them in those dresses. Malini says that they have specially chosen this village theme for her so she can recall her memories she has spent in the village. She says that she is feeling at home here. Tinkle asks everyone to play board games. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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