The episode starts with Imlie and Malini are talking about those toe rings. She says that only married women can wear it. Imlie recalls that Aditya has removed them in the ambulance. Malini says that I found them in your bag. Imlie says this is like a blessing from her village’s people. They give it to every girl who goes to the city. They believe that the girl will get a good life partner.  Aparna says they thought that she is married. She asks her not to worry about marriage, they will find a suitable boy for her. Then Malini says that she will do her makeup on her wedding day.Imlie 26th January 2021 Written Episode Latest Update:

Nidhi complains to Imlie that why didn’t she introduced her family. Imlie says that my family lives in a small village so they might feel small in front of them. Aparna says we are not like that and we would welcome your family as we did yours. Taji asks everyone to leave and let Imlie rest. They all leave and Imlie feels bad and cries. Malini asks her why she is crying, she says that she remembered her mother as she also takes care of her like this. Malini suggests her to call her mother. She says that there is only one post office and it will open after 2 hours. Malini suggests her to write a letter instead.

Then Dev comes to the hospital to know about Imlie. Imlie asks what gift he got for her. He gives her chocolates, balloons, and bouquet. She eats chocolates in hurry, Dev asks her to eat her food then he will get more chocolates for her. Imlie says that the nurse will not allow her to eat it. Dev sees her innocence and feels the same love for her that he feels for his daughter Malini. He prays that all her problems go away soon. Dev asks her to meet her mother. Imlie asks him had he meet her.? He says yes, and your mother returned home. He says that sometimes we need to do compromises in life. He says to her that he is like her father.

She says that a man who left his wife and daughter, cannot be like him. She cries after saying this and Dev wipes her tears. Then the nurse comes to the room and asks Dev to give her an injection. Dev leaves and says Imlie that he will always be there for her. Aditya is working in his office and his boss comes to meet him. He apologize that he has called his honeymoon and sent him to cover the story of Satyakam. Dev finds a letter in Imlie’s room and asked her. She says that she has written this to post to her mother. Dev says that he will post it and asks her address. She writes her address and her mother’s name. Then Imlie falls asleep and Dev got shocked that this is Mithi, who is Imlie’s mother. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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