We are back with the written update of Star Plus named “Imlie”. Episode starts with Aditya as Aditya is continuously trying to awake Imli. But Imli gets unconscious. An ambulance arrives at that place where Adity and Imli present. In Delhi, Malini decorates her room. Aparna enters her room. Malini asks her that Is room looks good. Aparna praises her and says that you are looking so pretty that Aditya will only look at her. Malini feels shy. The doctor gives Imli shock to alive her. Later, Imli breathes.Molkki 22nd January 2021 Today's Written Update Latest Episode: Virendra Got Shocked

Aditya sees when Imli breathes and informs the doctor. After that. The doctor fixes the oxygen mask on Imli. In Delhi, Tripathis are chatting about Imli. Aditya calls Malini and informs her about all the situation in Pagdandiya and says he is taking Imli to Delhi. Mithi reached home. Mithi’s friend asks her if Satykam took Imli to the city. Mithi tells her that Jamai Babu takes her to the city for treatment. Mithi’s friend consoles her. Aditya continuously tries to wake her up. After some time, Imli opens her eyes. Aditya gets happy to see her consciousness. Imli asks him to remove her belongings. Aditya does the same.

But, Aditya cannot removes her vermillion. They reach the hospital and admit Imli. Aditya’s family also arrives hospital and worried for Imli. Pankaj asks if she will be fine. Doctors says that her condition is very serious. Aditya recalls how Imli saves his life. All the family members asks Aditya that how did all this happen? Malini says to Aditya that you should inform Imli’s family as they are worried for her Rupal takes Dhruv to reception to finish the formalities.

Mithi waits for Aditya’s call at the Post office. Postman insists her to go home as he is already very late to close the office. But Mithi was not ready to leave that place. Her friend comes there and tries to take her. Meanwhile, Aditya’s calls her. Mithi picks the call and asks about Imli. Aditya says that she is fine now and is in ICU. He tells her that how Bullet hit Imli by mistake. Later, Adi recalls moments which he shares with her. Later, an old lady meets him who thinks that he is her son. Aditya says to her that he is so bad. Lady says that how can you be bad? when you have a friend like Imli. Malini comes there.


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