Star Plus is a very popular Indian Television Channel that famous for airing many genuine television shows. One of the most genuine and popular shows named Imlie is airing on Star Plus and many viewers regularly watching the latest episode of the show. If you want to watch the show then you have to watch it on Star Plus at 08:30 pm IST. All the fans will not want to miss any episode of the television series because the story of the show is very amazing and loved by many people. Imlie is the best show for family and you can watch it with your family to entertain everyone at night.

Imlie 1st December 2020 Today Episode Latest Update: Imlii Gives A Warning To The Villager

The upcoming episode of Imlie of 1st December 2020 starts with the car that stops in front of the NGO Institute. Imlie read the nameplate and understand the matter that is going on there. In the next scene, Aditya makes a conversation with a worker and takes Imlie inside but regularly doing a conversation with the worker. Also, Aditya tells Imlie that you stay here and they will help you to complete your further studies. Imlie replies to him that she will be here and manage all the things for her.

Imlie mistook leaves her baggage and panic to look it everywhere. Suddenly Imlie thinks about the car and looks towards it and notices that Aditya leaving the place with the car. But the women in NGO tells her to come inside and she thinking how her dream is going to fulfill to come to the city. In the next scene, she wondered about her past but suddenly a hand on her shoulder comes and she thinks it was Aditya but when she turns then she shocked and moves back.

The person who puts a hand on Imlie’s shoulder is a villager of Pagdandiya named Birju. Later, he drags Imlie with her but she tries to free herself and says him to leaves her. He will say to Imlie that he will through back to the village but she takes a stick and gives him the warning to stay away. In the next scene, Aditya comes there and kicks him hard and he tells him how dare you to touch my wife? All the fans of Imlie are waiting for the upcoming episode and want to watch the episode.


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