The Latest episode begins with Aditya as Aditya recounts the incident and his words with Imlie walking on the road, but suddenly he looks around and sees that some people are dead on the road and all over The village has caught fire. He immediately takes out the camera from his bag and captures the scene in his camera. On the other hand, he notices villagers and police officers exchanging bullets among themselves. He runs away and hides in a corner while trying to save himself and feels a little scared.


In the next scene, Imlie tells her that I am not here for you but for those who say goodbye to me very fondly and those who wait for you with so much love and expectations in our heart, we have to go back and Imlie gives water to Aditya to freshen up and says thank you for helping her in the difficult situation outside. I will always remember this debt of yours. On the other hand, Aditya is unaware of all these things.

On the other hand, after applying oil to her hair, she goes to her mother’s room and goes to sleep with them. Meanwhile, she tells Mithi about her in-laws. Further, we see that Aditya’s uncle remembers Imlie, saying that she will forget us all after going to the village. Sundar asks her why are you missing her. You have no need to miss her because now I will take care of you. On the other hand, Aditya leaves for the lodge.

In the next scene, Imlie prepares a bag of all Ayurvedic herbs for her family members and leaves to leave but she refuses to take it with her. Meanwhile, he offers a short session to the students of the school and at the same time, gives them an Imlie mark sheet and TC paper. Aditya examines the certificate and looks carefully at the name written on it, in which he finds his surname attached to it although Imlie is busy with the school students present there and helps them in all the student’s projects. Along with this, the episode ends.


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