Imlie 14th June 2022 Written Update: Imlie and Kairi serve the Pasta to Aryan and stare at him when he starts eating. Jyoti lies to Imlie that she is fasting, but Imlie is not seeing her, she can have pasta. She asks Kairi to pass on pasta to her. Kairi asks if she is not on a fast. Jyoti asks how does she know. Kairi says Imlie has told her. Jyoti says it’s for her past husband Harry. Narmada why is she fasting.

Imlie 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update Imlie Reveals Herself As Kairi

Jyoti answered that she is fasting for Imlie and her baby’s good health. Narmada asks Kairi to take past for even Imlie. Aryan insists that he will take it but Kairi says she will take this, then Arpita says that she let her go because she has made this with the efforts. He agrees. Kairi takes the Pasta bowl to her room and there she notices a footwear stand and matches the soles with the footprint on a piece of the torn cheque. She sees the slipper and thinks she tries to find out who wears it. Imlie 14th June 2022 Written Update

Aryan passes by and scolds her to take pasta to Imlie first. He goes to Imli’s room. Kairi gets scared and insists he gives her tips for making such delicious Pasta. She starts flirting with him and dances on Meri Jaan.

Aryan ties her with a cloth and walks to Imlie’s room. Kairi prays to Sita Maiya. Kairi confronts the girl and says she cannot be Imlie. The lady turns and reveals it’s Sundar. Jyoti feeling hardly hungry dreams of food and attacks it with a knife. She slits Harry’s hand quickly. She reveals her identity that she is Imlie and she did this to find out the culprit. . Sundar jokes to never prepare such a tasteless pasta.

Kairi finds the slippers missing and thinks that was the only clue she had. Harry carries Jyoti’s slippers in a plate to serve her instead of food. He bumps with Kairi. Kairi gets suspicious on him and thinks of keeping an eye on him. Arpita enters her room and is stunned to see Sundar with a woman’s wig.

Arpita asks her to inform Imlie to come to her room. Then she changes her clothes hurriedly and reaches Arpita’s room. Aryan goes in and seeing Sundar’s wig doesn’t react and takes Imlie out. She asks why he is stubborn and didn’t even laugh on her jokes. Episode ends. Stay tuned for more updates.

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