We are going to share a written update on the popular show. This show is running with the amazing TRP on television. People love to watch this show. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode began with Imlie impersonating a maid Kairi from Pagdandia entering Rathore House and entertaining them. Jyoti and Nila and Gudiya feel irritated while Narmada, Sundar, and Arpita enjoy her drama. Arpita taunts Nila and Gudiya that it is good that all the servent are not in the house Nila, now she will serve them all in her different style. She thinks she will find out the culprit whoever is trying to interfere between her and Aryan.

Imlie 13 June 2022

Aryan knocks on the door when she doesn’t open the door. Aryan gets more concerned seeing blood on the floor. Imlie feels she drooped red colour on the floor when she was personate as Kairi. Jyoti happily asked Harry if he murdered Imlie but he refused Aryan decides to open the door. He asks her that is she fine, and she replies that she is fine she was in the bathroom that’s why she was unable to hear his voice of him. Narmada says thank god that Imlie is fine. Narmada asks that is she called Kairi she says that Meethi has sent Kairi for taking care of everyone.

Gudiya says that if she wants to fill the house with the dumb villagers. Imlie says she is a villager but not dumb. Gudiya asks if she can prepare pasta. Imlie says this is the most favourite dish in Pagdandiya. Imlie goes to the kitchen and there Aryan and Imlie talk, Imlie says she wants to clear several things but at first, she wants to stop him from accusing Madhav. He is suffering from a crime, which he has not done. She asks him to feel their baby as it’s part of them he refuses to accept that he is his baby. She walks away thinking she will get proof in Maddhav’s favor.

Imlie notices Gudiya’s footprints and thinks that she has no such mind that she can attack Madhav. She thinks this is the activity of someone else.  Imlie sees Jyoti not wearing footwear. Aryan sees Kairi and asks who is she Arpita tells her that she is the new maid of the house. She serves him, Pasta, on the whole plate after his denying. She flirts with him cracking a joke. He says to praise the pasta.  Imlie thinks Jyoti is fasting and hence will not have food. Jyoti asks for her pasta. Kairi asks if she is not fasting. Episode ends.


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