Imlie 11th June 2022 Written Episode Update: We are back with the written update of Imlie on 11th June 2022: The episodes start with Imlie praying to god and saying that a doubt seed can ruin the whole field, she wants to know who enter this seed of doubt in Aryan’s mind and prays to God to handle the situation. Suddenly a bell of the temple falls on the cheque and Imlie goes through the pieces of the cheque and realizes that the culprit who attacked Madhav is now at Rathore Mansion. Jyoti comes to her and asks that she is worried after seeing the fight between her and Aryan. Imlie then says nothing happened like this.

Imlie 11th June 2022 Written Episode Update Spoiler Alert

Jyoti asks Imlie to take someone’s help after seeing the situation. She says she got someone who will help her, and if someone tries to defeat her family she will play the clever game to defeat him. Jyoti then goes to Aryan thinking if Imlie can take someone’s help why can’t I. She asks Aryan to allow Harry to live in the Rathore Mansion as they are now talking with each other. He agrees. Narmada then weaved clothes for her grandchild. Imlie 11th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Nila & Gudiya tries to prove her by saying that Imlie forced Aryan to take care of his expenses Madhav. The next day she will bring her entire village. Arpita comes in favour of her and says it’s not wrong to help a friend.

Imlie tries to lock the window of her room and Aryan helps her to close that. Both think that another one will talk but no one talks and then they both go to sleep in bed facing the opposite sides. In the morning they get up with holding each other. Jyoti forces Hary to live with him as she tells Aryan about them. Hary says he will kill Imlie or himself. She then threatens him saying she will kill Nargis and his family if he doesn’t say yes.

Sundar tells Arpita that he visiting the hospital to see Madhav. He will take healthy food for Madhav. Nila shouts and asks where are all the servants. Imlie then comes with another character as a maid and says she will cook the food and take care of the other household chores. Imlie does her acting so well that no one knows that she is Imlie even though Jyoti fails to recognize her and says maybe Imlie sent her to the house for the work. The episode ends.

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