The episode starts with Aditya is washing his hands and Imlie’s mother asks her to give a towel to Aditya. She refused to do that but in the end, she agrees to give but then Aditya refuses to take it. Imlie asks Satyakam about his plan to meet Government officials. He says he has no idea about tomorrow as he is only worried about the village’s future more than his future. She asked her are you happy after getting married in the city? She says she is happy with Aditya but Styakam asks her about her studies and suggest her to take admission in college.

Imli 18th january 2021 Today's Written Episode Latest Update Spoiler Alert & Twist

Satyakam Asks Aditya about Imlie’s Studies. Imlie asks Satykam to not bother Adiya as he has already considered a college in the city. Aditya thinks of the college is the same as Malini’s. Satyakam got relieved and asks Aditya to visit soon again. Suddenly someone Comes badly Injured and informs Police Attacked Their Camp And Encountered Surinder Too. He says that the Government ensured them that there wouldn’t be any fight happen again. Satyakam aggressively that they have to protect themselves and have to take some actions to protect their families. Satyakam steps out of the house with his gun but Imlie stops him and acknowledges him that this is their plan to catch him. Satyakam asks Aditya o take care of his family cause he has to go to save villagers.

Satyakam orders villagers to close the entrance gate of the Village. Aditya thinks now he will not be able to go back to Delhi. But he should raise this matter. Then Imlie’s family asks her to go to Aditya’s room as they are married now. She goes to the room but Aditya scolds her that this marriage is not legal and he doesn’t love her. He still loves Malini and he will not let anyone take her place.

He decides to tell everyone about their fake marriage. She says if he will do that then Satyakam will kill his family She advises him to go to Delhi and never come back. He said he will not spend this night with her in this room otherwise people will legalize their marriage. He says that she used to call Malini her sister and now she wants to snatch her sister’s right. He wouldn’t let this happen.

Imlie throws the glass of milk and asks him not to speak a word further. She says that in her village there is not freedom for girls to stay out of the house late at night but no one questions boys to stay out. She said when he will return to his house he will get all the respect and love from his family but what will happen to her. In their village girls get married once and she is already married to him. If he will leave her then people will accuse her. She never wanted more but always had a dream about studying in college but villagers won’t allow her to study in a city college. Aditya packs his bag and leaves the house, she asked him not to go this time as it could be risky. But he refused by saying he would prefer to die rather than living with lies.


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