For the animation lover, the next episode of I’m Standing on Million-Lives Season 2 is all set to release in just a few days and fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode as soon as possible. After the last release of the episode, the makers are ready to release I’m Standing on Million-Lives Season 2 Episode 7 in the next week.

I'm Standing on Million-Lives Season 2 Episode 7

The animation is all about where Humans and Orcs have a battle with each other for their survival. The orcs have got the order from their Queen that humans have they’re assassinated in the past. At that time, humans killed all the Orcs and only Queen survived there but later, she made a new Orcs. They trained to kill all the humans but there are also some heroes to save the world from them.

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Yotsuya is the only game master in the story who can stop the war. During the war, Yostuya got some truth about Queen and found that if Queen will die so, the battle will over forever. The hero party will get into the war to defeat Queen and her orcs. The dragons show the fire on the land and Yostuya and Torrie are trying to capture the attention of Orcs but they are killed.

Yotsuya saw that there is a young Orc with some hairs of humans and thought that what is happening here because all the Orcs are bold. When he revives Torrie from the death, they realize that the young Orc will become the Queen of Orc in the future.

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When he is battling with an Orc, he sees that Orc is saving her daughter from him and suddenly, the Queen comes to the balcony, and then, the father and Yotsuya fall into the volcano lava. The father tries to save his daughter as he holds her up and they both cried, all these were seen by Yotsuya who was above. Yotsuya sees that because of him, innocent blood will become ashes and goes inside the building with his tears.

I’m Standing on Million-Lives Season 2 Episode 7: Release Date

Now, the next episode of I’m Standing on Million-Live is here but when it will be released. We are here to give you some info about the series and when it will be released on the original network. Episode 7 will release on Saturday, August 21, 2021, at 12:30 AM. Well, the episode releases every Saturday but in another state, it releases on Friday because the JST time is different from other countries. Now, only a few episodes are left in the show and it will all be released soon.

I’m Standing on Million-Lives Season 2 Episode 7: Where To Watch

If you have been watching this series so, it will be good for you but if you are new and want to watch the upcoming episode so, you can easily watch this on Crunchyroll and ANIPLUS. Also, the episode will available on the official website. Some of the updates regarding the latest updates on Twitter. So, the next episode will be available soon in English as well.


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