Here is a Basketball Champions League is all set to entertain the fans once again. Yes, the league is back with another match tonight and fans are too excited to watch the upcoming battle of two teams of the league.

IGO vs OST live score

It will be interesting to watch the upcoming match of the league because there are many basketball leagues but the Basketball Champions League is popular for some amazing matches and teams of the league.

IGO vs OST Live Score

Tonight, we will get to see team Olimpija Ljubljana (IGO) and team Filoyu Oostende (OST). Both teams will play another match of the league and many fans are visiting the arena to support their favorite team tonight.

Fans are too excited to watch the battle of the teams tonight because of teams gameplay in their last matches. Well, it is going to be a final match and after this, another match will take place on January 13 between team BC and IGO.

Well, we should talk about today’s match that is about to start and many fans are waiting to watch this match. Deshawn Stephens, Phil Booth, Aleksa Radanov, Markel Starks, Stefan Dordevic, Marko Josilo and many more players are the best picks of the teams.

IGO vs OST: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Olimpija Ljubljana (IGO) vs Filoyu Oostende (OST)
  • League:- Basketball Champions League 2021-22
  • Venue:- Sportska dvorana Laktasi (Laktasi)
  • Date:- Tuesday, January 04, 2022
  • Time:- 11:00 PM IST and 05:30 PM GMT

IGO vs OST: Team Squad

Olimpija Ljubljana (IGO):- DeShawn Stephens, Kosta Kondic, Nikola Tanaskovic, Vuk Boskovic, Antabia Waller, James Robinson, Marko Josilo, Aleksa Radanov, Stefan Fundic, Milan Vulic, Markel Starks, Dalibor Ilic, Stefan Dordevic, Darko Talic, Dejan Pavlovic, and Amsal Delalic.

Filoyu Oostende (OST):- Brandon Mccoy, Mikael Jantunen, Salim Kediambiko, Demitrius Conger, Jesse Waleson, Amida Brimah, Olivier Troisfontaines, Phil Booth, Levi Randolph, Simon Buysse, Haris Bratanovic, Xander Pintelon, Keye van der Vuurst De Vries, Dusan Djordjevic, Pierre-Antoine Gillet, and Servaas Buysschaert.

IGO vs OST: Lineups Player

Olimpija Ljubljana (IGO):- Markel Starks, Marko Josilo, Stefan Dordevic, DeShawn Stephens, Aleksa Radanov, Dalibor Ilic, Antabia Waller, and James Robinson.

Filoyu Oostende (OST):- Olivier Troisfontaines, Phil Booth, Pierre-Antoine Gillet, Dusan Djordjevic, Servaas Buysschaert, Haris Bratanovic, Levi Randolph, and Simon Buysse.

IGO vs OST: Match Prediction

When the league was started, team IGO was in Group E and team OST was in Group F. Both teams played amazing matches in this league and finally, made their space in the final time of the league.

Both teams have performed well and according to their gaming in the league, team OST has more chances to win this match. This is just a prediction because the match is yet to play so, let’s wait for the final decision of the match tonight.


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