There is another sexual abuse scandal news is here. Everybody is shocked after knowing about this case. The incident has changed the life of a young woman who is just 25 years old. The complete details have come in a Tv interview. Here you will know about the case updates and what is the actual case. The name of victim has been revealed and her name is Thorhildur Gyda Arnarsdottir.

Iceland rudderless after alleged sexual abuse scandal

As per the news, Thorhildur Gyda Arnarsdottir revealed that she and one more woman had been sexually assaulted by a well-known football player. He was on the national football team. They were assaulted by player in 2017 at  Reykjavik bar. The women have said that they were injured and filed a complaint also in police on the day. The women also revealed that the accused admitted his action and even paid compensation to them.

Iceland Rudderless After Alleged $exual Abuse Scandal

“A lawyer from the football association asked if I was ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement and also to receive compensation,” she said.  “And, naturally, I said no.”

The National Broadcaster RUV asked Bergsson whether the complaint. A further inquiry is running on this matter and possibly you will know details later. Recently on Sunday Bergsson have resigned from his post. The entire committee was invited and the resignation has been placed in front of media houses. The details have been shared with the press as you can see in the picture.

There is another proof that has appeared regarding this incident that the incident is true. According to a University of Iceland Study, In 2018 there was a case where one in four women has been raped or sexually assaulted. The case was highlighted initially but later everyone forgot it with time.

As per the other information, Iceland preparing to face Romania, North Macedonia and Germany in the World Cup Qualifying during the international break. If you there is any other details or update in news comes then we will definitely add it here. To know the updates make sure you have bookmarked the website.


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