I 65 Nashville Accident Today Video, Is Officer Involved In Shooting At South Nashville An incident has been reported that occurred on Interstate 65 following a person dead. In this incident, several officers were involved. According to the sources, the man was shot dead at the spot by a police officer. The shooting happened on 1-65 northbound near mile marker 77 just north of Old Hickory Boulevard near the site where the statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest was displayed. It was the off-duty officer’s family who witnessed the incident but not the family of the man who was shot in this horrific incident. Follow For More Updates uptobrain.com

I 65 Nashville Accident Today Video, Is Officer Involved In Shootin At South Nashville

After the incident occurred, Interstate 65 in Nashville was closed for several hours on Thursday. Nearly a dozen of local and state law enforcement shot a 37-years-old man found who stood in the middle of the freeway. The MNPD’s Don Aaron said that a trooper stopped his car when he saw a man sitting on the guardrail just after 2 PM on Thursday. Then, the trooper engaged a conversation with the man and as they were too close to the car of the state trooper, the man pushed away from the trooper and produced a box cuttter.

I 65 Nashville Accident Today

Later, the trooper called the Metro Police for their help. During this, an off-duty police officer, Mt. Juilet was traveling along the interstate, he saw the situation and stopped to handle the situation. Don Aaron said Mt Juliet and the trooper talked with the individual as they were trying to deescalate the situation.

Aaron said that Metro Officer reached the spot after a few minutes to assist the situation. At that time, the individual was holding a box cutter in his left and his other hand was in his pocket.

Don Aaron added that after around 30 minutes of this situation, the man was identified as Landon Eastep, 37-years-old who took out his hand out of the pocket, holding a shiny silver cylindrical object.

Is Officer Involved In Shooting At South Nashville

After seeing this situation, a total of nine law enforcement or officer opened fire on the man, according to Aaron. Later, Landon Eastep was taken to the nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead by staff. The video footage showed the officers were trying to calm down and continued asking him to go back to his home but Eastep did not listen to anyone.

The footage of the incident showed Eastep taking out his hand out of pocket and about to aim at a police officer. Suddenly, almost nine officer opened fire on him and he fell down. The whole incident was released on the Internet which was watched by millions of people.


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