The popular Instagram personality and Tollywood actress, Shalu Chaurasia who is also popular as her Instagram account @gima-ashi was injured in a mobile-snatching incident on Sunday night, November 14, 2021. According to the sources, the incident took place near KBR Park, Off Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana.

Tollywood Actress Shalu Chaurasia Injured in Mobile Snatching

The report says that it attack took place around 08:30 PM when she was just wandering. A complaint has been registered at Banjaara Hills Police Station and the statement says that the unidentified man first asked to hand over her money and valuables things and snatched her phone at the time where she was injured. Later, a man escaped from the spot.

Shalu Chaurasia Injured in Mobile Snatching

There were injures reported on her head and near her eyes and she was taken to the private hospital. Now, the investigation has been registered by the actress and the investigators are investigating the case. The CCTV Camera of the nearby area has been identified to find out the attacker.

Detective Inspector, Mohammed Hafiz at Banjaara Hills Police Station said that the attack took place around 08:30 PM when the actress was walking inside the park. The report also says that when Shalu Chaurasia resisted, he punched her face and also tried to hit her by rock.

The investigation is underway and police are trying to find out the culprit as soon as possible. The inspector said,” As per the complaint, a man snatched her phone, attacked on her, and escaped from the spot. We got this complaint at around 11:30 PM at night and the case has been registered under Section 392 of the IPC and the investigation is underway. CCTV camera inside the KBP Park is not working and that has also become an issue in the ongoing investigation”.

Shalu Chaurasia suffered from some injuries on her head and near eyes. The KBR Park is visited by celebrities, political leaders, and businessmen for morning or evening walk. Several incidents related to snatching were reported before around the park. The actress started her career as a content creator on the famous Tik Tok app and then, moved to Instagram where she gained massive popularity.

Being a part of the Tollywood movie, she has also appeared in some Punjabi songs and now, her latest song named “Will You Marry Me” will release on November 18, 2021. But after this incident took place, maybe, there could be a delay in releasing the song.

Now, the actress has been taken to the house and the police are investigating the case deeply to find out the attacker. Stay tuned for more updates.


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