Breaking news comes from Hyderabad. At late night, 9 people including a two-month-old have died after a compound wall collapsed and fell on ten houses. All the incidents due to late light rain and 9 people died in this accident. All the bodies are trapped in the rubble and the team finding an option to extract them from the debris. All the people who stay in the neighborhood are not able to handle themselves. Also, all the people who lived in the neighborhood are afraid of incidents that happened at late night in Hyderabad due to heavy rain.

Nine, including two-month-old child, killed in Hyderabad as wall collapses after heavy rain

Normal life was very afraid and affected by the heavy rain. Many videos are coming forward of the incident and lots of people sharing many videos to show what actually happened at the late night. In many neighborhoods shown in the video, heavy rain, flooded roads, and vehicles are swept away in the flood. For the past three days, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh also have been witnessed heavy rain. Almost twelve people have died in Telangana in the last 48 hours and also many people injured due to heavy flood.

In the last three days, almost 14 districts are affected in Telangana. Many places in Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh were affected due to heavy rains and vehicles are unable to move in the flood. The actual reason for the heavy and dangerous flood in Hyderabad was the floodgates of the Himayat Sagar Dam were opened at the last night that causes a heavy flood in the area. After the incidents, many reputed personality tweets about the incidents give their sympathy to the families affected by floods.
Many families are afraid after seeing the dangerous moment of flood and everyone wants to recover from the accident that happened in Hyderabad. Hyderabad Lok Sabha MP Asaduddin Owaisi tweeted about the flood and wall collapse in the Telangana capital. So, all the people in India are shocked and pray for families who were affected by the wall collapse and flood. For more details stay tuned with us. We regularly update all the information comes related to the topic.


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