There is upsetting news coming from India’s beautiful state, Hyderabad where a 7-years-old boy died after falling into drainage near his home in Papireddy Colony in Hyderabad. According to the sources, the incident took place on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, under the police jurisdiction of Chandnagar. Much information is not available on the Internet regarding the child and his family.

7 year old by dies

But unfortunately, a family has lost their child and currently, they are suffering from a very difficult time. For the last few years, many incidents have been reported as children died after falling into drainage. Police are investigating the case to find out any kind of foul play happened there.

Some of the Internet sources say that the name of a 7-years-old boy was Arvind. He was the only son of Raju and Anubai who is the residents of Rajiv Gruhakalpa in the Papireddy colony. After the investigation took place, police sources said that Arvind was last seen playing around his home, and later, he went missing.

When Arvind did not come back to his home, his parents went to search for him but on the same night, they failed to find their son, and as soon as possible, Arvind’s parents went to Chandranagar Police Station.

Police registered a missing complaint of Arvind S/o Raju and Anubai and began the search operation to find him. Police began their search operation from where he was playing last time and soon, they investigated everyone who was near him while he was playing but they did not find any clue. Later, the nearby residents of the colony found Arvind’s dead body in a drainage sump. As soon as possible, a police team was informed about it and they rushed to the spot.

When police were informed, they saw the body of a child in the drainage and called the team to bring him outside. Police sent the dead body of Arvind to the Osmania General Hospital for autopsy. The cause of his death has not been revealed yet but sources are believing that he was murdered and later, thrown his body in drainage.

Well, the cause of his death has not been confirmed yet so, we can’t give provide you exact information here. Currently, the family of Arvind couldn’t believe that their child has gone from this world. He was just a child who was studying but unfortunately, he was murdered. Police are questioning nearby people and checking the nearby surveillance camera to find any foul play. We will keep updating you, stay tuned with us.


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