Hunter Moore Arrested: What Happened To Him And Where Is He Now?: People are asking about Hunter Moore whose documentary named The Most Hated Man is also released on 27th July 2022. This series is all about a man who is the first to make a porn website called on which he has shared nude photos of girls to get more traffic on his website and earn money. This series is divided into three parts only and in three parts this short documentary will end. People now want to know more about Hunter Moore and where is he now as a mother of a young girl who registered a complaint against him. Follow More Updates On

Hunter Moore

Who Is Hunter Moore?

He was born on 9th March 1986 and he attended Woodland High School but dropped out at a young age. He is now a criminal from California who is also called the most hated man on Earth. He created a revenge porn website named Anyone Up which allowed users to post their nude pictures & videos on the platform without their permission. This website also gives the details of the user like their name & address of them and he spoiled the life of many people. He himself compared him to Charles’s mansion which spoiled the life of many people.

What Happened To Hunter Moore?

As this website has put down many into depression and this website allows hacking of the devices of the people who used his website. But a woman named Charlotte came forward in this case and did action as her daughter’s nude went viral on that website which was uploaded by him. She also called the people who suffered the same from this website and did an FBI investigation. It’s been only four years since the website but later he was arrested by the FBI when they found him the culprit.

Hunter Moore Arrested

The most shocking punishment was given to him as he was sentenced to jail for two years & six months and he had to pay the amount of $2,000 with a restitution fee of $145.70. He was also banned from using social media for his entire life as he spoiled the life of many youngsters. As per information after coming out of jail he planned to make EDM music and named it Make The Internet Great Again. Later the website was given to James McGibney who was the entrepreneur who converted that website to an anti-bullying website and wrote a letter to him.


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