Here we are back with a written update of the Hunarbaz Desh Ki Shann. This show is ready to set foot with the grand Premiere of this week. With the selection of the top 14 Hunarbazz contestants last week, HDKs is entertaining its audiences. The show is running well with great TRP on television.

Hunarbaaz 26th February 2022 Written Update

People to watch this show. Contestants have amazing talent all are outstanding and brilliant in their style. We have seen 10 episodes of this show, and all were entertaining. We will share all the highlights of the latest episode. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining.

Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan Written Update

As we have seen in the show the selection of the 14 Hunarnbazz contestants the previous week, HDKS is ing entering its competing phase with the grand Premiere of the main show. From now s on, 14 contestants who were selected top 14 will compete with each other for the title of winner which will be decided by judges and audience vote.

All the contestants are amazing. You will see they will give mesmerizing performances. Scroll down the page for getting more information. Contents are doing their best in this show to win the heart of the audience and judges.

According to the promo videos, Top 14 will give powerful performances. You will see in this Week renowned celebrities Madhuri Dixit and Farah Khan will come on the and join in this week. They will enjoy the show with amazing performances. All the contestants will entertain by their performances.

Madhuri Dixit will appreciate all the performances, and Farah khan also will praise them and both will give good comments to the contestant’s performances. Let’s take a look at the performances of the contestants.

You will see Marvelous Stunts, entertaining dances, mind-boggling gymnastics, Beautiful singing, all make the Judges drop their jaws in shock. You will see Sanchita-Subrata will give outstanding performances and Judges and Madhuri Dixit will appreciate them for their incredible performances. They will be the heart of the audience and judges.

Another performance is Yo Highness will give a heart-winning performance on the stage. And you will see Madhuri and Sanjay will dance together and will create magic on the stage. They will dance on “Bina Payal Ke Hi Baje Ghungron” and Mithun Da will say if  Madhuri performs on stage so nobody can take off the eyes on the stage then he says in a comic way that he has not to see Madhuri this time. You can watch this show on colors and the Voot app. Stay tuned for more updates.


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