For the last few days, the watchers of ColorTV are eagerly waiting to watch the Grand Finale of the show, Hunarbaaz and soon, there will be lots of things to appear in the upcoming episode. Many watchers are excited to know which contestant has more chances to win this match competition? Now, only a few contestants just reached to the final stage to compete with others and it will be interesting to watch which contestants have more chances to reach the final round? Keep reading to know more updates here.

Hunarbaaz, 16th April 2022 Written Update

Since the show began, it has grabbed a huge fan following across the nation and has been watched by millions of people. In the last few months, the show engaged a massive fan following among the watchers and finally, Hunarbaaz: Desh Ki Shaan is all set to premiere its Grand Finale in the upcoming days. Only a few contestants are left in the show and those are Sukhdev, Sanchits & Subrata, Rocknaama, Akash Singh, Sukdeb Paul, Yo Highness, Harmony of the Pines, and Anirban Roy. Now, all these competitors of the show will face off each other on the stage to perform and show their talent. Only one contestant will achieve the trophy of Grand Finale and win the shining trophy of the year.

Hunarbaaz: Desh Ki Shaan Grand Finale 2022

Now, the voting has begun and the audience has started to vote for their favorite contestants of the season. This year, lots of things will be seen on the stage where each and every contestant will give their best and the judges will declare the winner. On the other side, host Haarsh Limbachhiya and Surbhi Chandna are hosting the show together.

Let us tell you that the Aerial act performer Sukdeb Paul is in the danger zone and maybe, he has more chances to get out of the show tonight. Many fans are supporting him but Sukdeb has a chance to eliminate him from the show tonight. Fans are highly excited for the next episode where all the contestants will perform.

Well, we will get to see a special guest of the show who already appeared in several dance shows and hit songs. According to the promo videos, choreographer Lauren will come to the stage of Hunarbaaz and grace the stage with her dance performance. On the request of Mithun Chakraborty, Lauren dances on the Badshah’s song “Mercy” where she gave her appearance to him.

Not only this but there will be lots of big celebrities giving their appearance on the stage in the days of the Grand Finale. The promo video shows that Divya Kumar will also be the guest of the show where Divya Kumar will perform with Anirban and Rocknaama on the stage. So, with all of these, the watchers will get to see the performers of the show to give their amazing performances. So, get ready to watch the episodes of Grand Finale and tomorrow, the name of the winner will be announced.


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