FIBA International Qualifiers is ready to entertain the fans of basketball and who love to watch the basketball match, they should watch this upcoming match of the league and it will be interesting to watch the next game of the league.

HUN vs FRA Live Score

There are lots of players who is ready to play the next match and tonight, the league will introduce another match of the league that will be interesting to watch. Today, team Hungary (HUN) and team France (FRA) will face off each other on the basketball court and interestingly, the match will show some amazing performance in the league.

HUN vs FRA Live Score

Many fans has watched many matches before and each game has shown some fantastic skills and talents of the players. Finally, another match is here and we can watch the match tonight as well. Along with this, the fans can visit the basketball court to watch the match and the tickets are available on several websites including the team official websites.

So, are you ready to watch this fabulous match of the league? The match will take place under the Europe World Cup Qualifiers at Kaposvár Arena (Kaposvár). So, get ready to watch the fabulous match of the league tonight.

HUN vs FRA: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Hungary (HUN) vs France (FRA)
  • League:- Europe World Cup Qualifiers
  • Venue:- Kaposvár Arena (Kaposvár)
  • Date:- Monday, November 29, 2021
  • Time:- 10:30 PM IST

HUN vs FRA: Team Squad

Hungary (HUN):- Marcell Pongo, Akos Keller, David Vojvoda, Zsolt Szabo, Szilard Benke, Adam Somogyi, Csaba Ferencz, Balint Horti, Lukacs Norbert, Zoltan Perl, Marko Filipovity, Janos Eilingsfeld, Mate Pongo, Kemal Karahodzic, and Benedek Varadi.

France (FRA):- Amath M’Baye, Mouhammadou Jaiteh, Nicolas Lang, Alexandre Chassang, Amine Noua, Andrew Albicy, Terry Tarpey, Isaia Cordinier, Axel Julien, Paul Lacombe, Lahaou Konate, and Louis Labeyrie.

HUN vs FRA: Lineups Player

Hungary (HUN):- Akos Keller, David Vojvoda, Szilard Benke, Janos Eillingsfeld, and Benedek Varadi.

France (FRA):- Mouhammadou Jaiteh, Andrew Albicy, Terry tarpey, Isaia Cordinier, and Louis Labeyrie.

HUN vs FRA: Match Prediction

Both teams are in the same Group E and playing well in this league. As we can see that team HUN is at 1st spot with a single victory out of a single match. On the other side, team FAR is standing just below the rival team at the 2nd spot where they also won a single match out of a single match. As per the sources, and experts advice, team FRA has more chances to win this match tonight.


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