A very genuine and interesting piece of information is coming that Krisna Dwaipayan Mukherjee. Yes, we are talking about his marriage because now he tied a knot after a very long time with his girlfriend. He is in a hidden relationship for a very long time with his loved one named Shalini Goswami and now they both are started their new life together by accepting each other officially in front of the entire world. All the family members of both personalities are very happy and celebrating the happiest and gladful occasion. Krisna Dwaipayan Mukherjee and Shalini Goswami will now be spending their love together and share all the things with each other very happily.

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The grand ceremony of their marriage was completed last week and the marriage, reception function was attended by some of the handed family members and friends from both sides. After the marriage, Krisna said that “Getting married in an epidemic increased the suspense and tension, and we hoped that everything would go smoothly. It was strictly a family affair for three days and happened at my south Kolkata home. I miss the participation of many dear people due to the ban in place. But still, there was no limit to energy and the celebration went full swing with full security and social distance”.

The date between both the personalities running from the past six years. and the bride is an IT Professional. Now, the newly married couple is planned to go on a short trip to North Bengal and elaborate honeymoon plan to spend some private time with each other. All the family members and friends are wishing a very beautiful and happy married life to both personalities. Everyone who knows Krisna Dwaipayan Mukherjee is giving lots of blessings and benediction. The couple completes their marriage in the pandemic situation and after that share their experience with everyone.

All the fans and people who know them are very happy with their marriage and give them lots of prayers for a good and happy life. Krisna Dwaipayan Mukherjee further said that “We are planning for a short trip to Darjeeling for now to enjoy winter in the mountains that both of us love. We plan to go for an extended honeymoon next year once the situation is better”. So, we just blessed both of them and give them lots of congratulations for their married life. If you want to know more interesting facts about the current topics then we are here to provide you actual information without any manipulation.


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