Huawei Mate 30 Series Launched Today: Live Updates

Huawei is going to launch its new Mate 30-series today in Munich, Germany. You can watch this event online at 5:30 IST.

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Image source: Gizimodo Australia

Huawei is now all set to lunch its next-generation smartphone M 30-series. The company is going to launch its new smartphone in Munich, Germany Today in an event. This event can be seen online in India at 5:30 IST. The big and exciting news goes around about M 30-series is that it will not be shipping with Google services due to the ban of US companies. Here are the latest news and specs of the device.

Huawei Mate 30-Series: Price, Specifications:

Expected Features and Price:

It is expected that

to be powered on Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 990 SoC. The reports from GizChina said that the Kirin 990 SoC manufactured on the EUV 7nm by TSMC. It is also rumored that it included the HiSilicon Balong 5000 5G modem. It is not confirmed that Mate 30 series will have a 5G modem or a special 5G variant like in Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G.

  • Processor: HiSilicon Kirin 990 SoC.
  • Operating System: Harmony OS.
  • Modem: HiSilicon Balong 5000 5G modem.
  • Display: 6.5-inch display.
  • Design: Waterproof design.
  • RAM: 6GB.
  • Storage: 128GB expandable up to 256GB.
  • Camera: 24MP + 16MP + 8MP  + 5MP Quad-core camera with 24MP front camera.
  • Battery: 4,200mAH with fast wireless charging.

This smartphone has advanced Huawei’s operating system Harmony OS with the above basic feature. The expected price of Huawei Mate 30-series is Rs. 78,990.

Ban on Huawei: Latest News

US Companies put a trade ban on the Huawei company. Its trade ban extension ended in August. Last week, Google announced that Huawei’s Mate series will not be powered by Andriod Operating system. According to a Google spokesman, due to the US ban on the sale of Huawei smartphones, this series will not have licensed Google apps and services. After that, he also commented that Last month the US government announced that a temporary remission does not apply to new products as Mate 30-series.

Joe Kelly, Huawei spokesman said that “Huawei will continue to use the Android OS and ecosystem if the US government allows us to do so…Otherwise, we will continue to develop our operating system and ecosystem.”

After this  Google announced on a ban on Andriod Operating System, Huawei now uses its operating system for the new Mate series. Recently, Vincent Yang, the company senior vice-president said that Huawei will only use its Harmony OS and like to maintain its current Andriod ecosystem as an option in the case sanctions are again imposed on it.

On the other hand, Huawei also mentioned that Harmany OS will not replace Andriod but it is meant to work on Mate series due to the US ban. The reports said Harmony OS is a microkernel-based operating system. This Huawei OS is very much similar to the Fuchsia OS. Google has been worked on this Fuchsia OS. Huawei’s OS will be an optimized and advanced version that will cross the border of smartphones including wearables, Huawei Vision, and head units for your car.

Paolo Pescatore, telecoms and media analyst said: “The launch will be the most-watched ever“. As it is going to launch today in Munich, Germany.



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