The most genuine and brilliant company named HP finds a way to get the entry into the Indian Market with a very genuine product. HP Chromebook 11a is the new product that taking its grand release in the market to give a very genuine experience to all the people. The motive of launching this new laptop is to give an opportunity to all the people who need laptops for their basic needs such as taking online classes and office work. Now, the laptop will be coming with a very genuine fanbase because many people want a pocket-friendly laptop for basic use.

hp chorme

Everyone knows that students have to take online classes because of pandemic situation. The company also said that the HP Chromebook 11a will be launching for students who studied in class 2 to 7. If we talk about the price of the laptop then it starts from Rs. 21,999. The laptop will be available at various online platforms such as Flipkart and many more. The specifications of the laptop also very genuine and mind-blowing that totally provide a very brilliant piece of product to all the users who want to buy a new laptop for their personal use.

Now, the HP Chromebook 11a is powered by a MediaTek MT8183 octa-core processor and the weight of the laptop is 1.05 kilograms. The laptop also comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage that is extremely genuine in the price range that the company offering with the variant. The look of the laptop is also very heart-melting because the colour mix and the design of the laptop coming with an Indigo Blue colour with a matte finish. To increase the level of grip the laptop comes with a textured and also it features 11.6-inch HD (1366×768 pixels) touch IPS display. Also, the laptop supports up to 256 GB of expandable storage with a 16 hours battery life.

The company is set to launch the HP Chromebook 11a in the Indian Market to offer a very good product to all the users who want to purchase an affordable laptop with good features. Everyone knows that HP already containing such a good fan following across the country and also holds a very good amount of users who happy with the products of HP. Now, the new laptop will be also coming to give a very good option to all the users who searching for laptops at reasonable price. HP Chromebook 11a launched in the Indian Market to give a very genuine experience to all the users.


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