Some people do not get time to go to the gym, and this is not an issue. Researchers have found that working out at home will be more effective. It will save one’s time and cost. Making the decision to exercise is easy. But to implement that is difficult. Some people feel shy to work out in front of others. Working out needs dedication and commitment. A study by an author Sam Scott from Liverpool John Moores University found that Home-HIT is a time-efficient strategy that helps to reduce various barriers such as difficulty with access to exercise facilities due to travel time and cost.

For the study, 32 people suffering from obesity completed a 12-week exercise program. A range of health markers measured body composition, cardiovascular disease risk, and the ability to regulate glucose in the participants. The participants were divided into three groups- those who did lab-based cycling HIT program, 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise recommended by the UK government, and the last one is home-based HIT program of simple bodyweight exercises which is suitable for people with low fitness and low mobility and performed without equipment. Out of these three groups of exercise, researchers found that home-based HIT was effective as compared to both the exercises.

How working out at home is more convenient?

Working out at home is more convenient than working out in the gym. It saves time, cost, and gives more time for exercise. You can work out in your Pajamas and whenever you wanted. Do you have a variety of workouts at home? Though you have a variety of exercise at the gym, but yes you do have different kinds of exercises at home. You can go out for running or for a walk, you can do exercise videos. You don’t have to perform a single exercise, and you can mix and match the exercises. What often comes down is your personal preference and your budget. If you’re self-motivated and you know that you will exercise at home no matter what, working out at home is the best option. Working out at home helps you to reduce weight faster than working out at the gym.


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