Recently, a very famous Private social audio app Clubhouse is taking its huge popularity in Japan. The popularity and the boost in the fame of the app happened after World’s Richest person Elon Musk appeared on the platform. Everyone knows that Elon Musk is the owner of Tesla and SpaceX. One of the billionaire’s tech CEO attended an episode of the show called Good Time on Sunday at 10 pm (PST) while grilling Vladimir Tenev, chief executive of share trading service Robinhood. After that, the interest in the incident shown on Twitter while users commented on it. Later, the ap named Clubhouse taking lots of fame and attention of people.


Already many apps are running in the market to entertain all the people. Now, Clubhouse is dedicated to voice audio in which the makers based a simple concept around “rooms” of members who talking about various subjects to enjoy their time. Users can enter a room as a member of the audience but virtually raise their hand to ask the moderator to become a speaker. The app contains only audio chat rooms but the concept can suit any topic. Users can raise their voice on any topic like sports, news, music, current affairs, and whatever users want.

The official Clubhouse app released last March. The celebrity members include Tiffany Haddish and rapper Meek Mill. The app was found by Rahul Seth and Paul Davison who worked at Google and Pinterest respectively. Otherwise, Paul Davison was a former staff of Pinterest. After the sources checked the LinkedIn profile of the personalities then they wrote a company named Alpha Exploration Co. at the beginning of 2020. Now, they marked the company as the parent entity of Clubhouse. Paul is currently the Co-founder and CEO of Clubhouse while Rahul is the co-founder of the app.

In the last year in May, Clubhouse valued at $100 million after gaining funding of $12 million from Andreessen Horowitz. Now, this year, sources claimed that the users of the app are more than two million and a total of 180 investors are investing in the Clubhouse. The app is only available for Apple users and available on the iOS App Store. The app is currently not available on Android but may be expected in the future. The app is regularly containing lots of popularity across the world and gaining its number of users daily. So, stick with us to get more details about the current topics.


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