Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram are the most useful and popular social media platforms around the world and many people are using this platform to share some videos and their daily life-style with their fans. Mainly, the platforms are used for sharing some amazing moments and memories with your friends and followers. Along with this, this is going to be the last day of the year and finally, 2022 is about to begin in just a few hours. People are too excited for the upcoming year and waiting to celebrate the 31st night in countries around the world.

How To Do Your 2021 Year

If you are one of them who is addicted to those platforms and still using this to share some amazing moments so, here is something surprising for all the people around the world. Every sing year, the Instagram of Facebook platforms features that allow users to look back at their memories spent on Instagram, and as we know that these platforms have become increasingly popular on the Internet. Maybe, all these features began with Spotify’s famous “Wrapped” features which compile data about your annual listening habits on the streaming platforms.

How To Do Your 2021 Year Review

Now, some of the popular platforms including TikTok, Twitch, Apple Music, and YouTube have jumped into these features and added these amazing features on their platforms so, everyone can use them without any stoppage as the audience are the regular users of these platforms. All the platforms have made their own versions. Instagram also comes to this list and launched its features for users around the world. Here is a Year In Review for all the users and named stated as “2021 Playback”.

Year in Review Is Called “2021 Playback” on Instagram

According to TheGossipsWorld Many people are calling or stating this as just the Year In Review or 2021 Recap but let us tell you that this is actually called 2021 Playback. It takes users to look back at a selection of the Instagram Stories they posted in 2021. Instagram will automatically choose the 10 stories out of your total stories and use them to create a memory reel but the users can also add, edit, remove or select any picture of video.

Well, the purple border line around 2021 will be placed around your stories and it will be shared on the story or saved to your camera roll.

The feature was launched in the starting of December and the banner could be easily seen on the top of your newsfeed as everyone can notice it. Users just need to tap the blue box underneath the message.

How To Use It If Removed From Your Account?

You need to just find out the person who has created this video before and then, a video will feature with the same story where “2021” appears on the video. You need to click on it and then, you will be taken to the feature automatically. It is the simplest process to reach the feature and use this to recap your memories once again.


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