If you want your website to really take off and enjoy potential sales growth the key to achieving that aim will often involve adding payment options so that customers can complete a purchase as quickly and easily as possible.

Enter the search term payment gateway India, for example, and you will see that you have a tremendous amount of payment options at your disposal. The question is how easy is it to add these features to your website?

Take a  look at payment methods available

You have a plethora of options when it comes to adding payment methods and it pays to take the time to work out which option is best suited to your business and how you prefer to run your site.

The most obvious way of determining the option that works best for you is to think about the popular ways shoppers like to pay for their purchases online.

Most of us are familiar with giving our credit or debit card details when making an online purchase. You also have the option of eWallets and other payment channels, such as PayPal to consider.

Your aim should be to give your customer the best choice of payment options so that they will not be dissuaded from using your site. A good way of doing that would be to consider using a payment gateway.

What is a payment gateway?

In simple terms, a payment gateway is the software and technology that enables you to capture payment information in an easy and secure way.

When you integrate a payment gateway into your website it validates the customer’s card details and confirms if they have the funds available to complete the transaction.

Once that validation process has been completed it encrypts the sensitive card data and forwards it to the acquiring bank in order to complete the payment.

A payment gateway makes it easy for you to accept payments on your website without all of the hassles that come with processing the transaction yourself.

Using this technology also provides a layer of security protection from hackers and fraudsters, which is not something you want your business exposed to if you can help it.

Create a merchant account

You will find that a good payment gateway provider will be able to guide you through the setup process and it is not that difficult to be up and running in next to no time, without the need for anything other than basic technical know-how.

To complete the setup process you will need to set up a merchant account.

A merchant account is created as a separate entity from your usual business banking account. The payment gateway will deposit funds received from customers into your merchant account before being sent to your bank account.

A merchant account is part of the chain of approval involved in completing a successful payment and it simplifies the process because you could be receiving funds from various sources into this one central location.

It is quite easy to add a payment option to your website and the benefits of doing so are there for all to see.


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