If you know about a YouTuber couple. Connor Darlington and Liana Jade are two YouTubers who run a channel and because of the entertaining content, they have garnered a huge fan following. So far we have noticed that they have usually posted content from their daily life including something new and adventurous. Here is the complete detail that why they are suddenly trending. Let’s begin teh article to know all the information.


Fans watch videos of their daily vlog and enjoy the video. But this time the couple shared a video about the pregnancy of Liana Jade. The youtube Corron shared that they will be blessed with a baby soon.

How Old Is Liana Jade?

They have shared the video on December 14, 2021. Most time the couple have shared the content without any privacy concern and it is the major thing that made this channel separate from other vlog channels.

The youtube Liana Jade is 22 years old and she has mentioned her age in her Instagram bio. You can check it on her Instagram profile. She has a huge number of fans following her account. She has over 700000 subscribers on her youtube and over 6 million on TikTok.

They have revealed about the pregnancy of Liana and made a specific video on it. The title of the video was ‘WE ARE HAVING A BABY’ on December 14. The statement is here and you can read the statement “It wasn’t planned but it wasn’t a mistake,” Liana said, to which Connor added, “definitely not a mistake.”.


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Now comes the reaction of fans over the video. So after watching the video all the fans were surprised to know the news and they congratulated the couple. There were numerous fans who shared the blessing in teh comments and prays god for the good future of the couple.

Sharing reactions of fans is not possible and that’s why we want to tell you that you can go to the video and watch the comments below the video. After reading the comments don’t forget to share your view over the video. Stay tuned for future updates and news about this news. If you are looking for Wikipedia then comment below the post we will make it soon.


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