Music fans spend a lot on their favorite music artists, like their trending merchandise, concerts, albums, and more. However, all the fandom comes with its own cost. In an interesting report on music fandom, Betway has revealed a list of top music artists and how much it will cost to be the ultimate and the top music superfan in the UK and France.

The list considers the top music artists on Spotify, and based on their popularity, seven prime cost categories were laid down for distinction as follows:

  1. Number of shows in the past five years
  2. The lowest ticket price
  3. How much would it cost (combined) to attend every show in the past five years?
  4. Merchandise cost (standard)
  5. Per track cost
  6. Recent album cost
  7. Signed merchandise cost

The list features the most expensive music artist to be a fan of to the most affordable one amongst the top 25 in the UK and France considering these criteria.

The most expensive artist leading the league in the UK is Drake. With thirty-one performances in the past five years, one would have to shell out a minimum of £405.87 to see him perform live. Drake’s latest music album lands at around £9.99 with a single track worth £0.71. Considering the cost of Drake merchandise signed and standard, along with these costs, one must have a budget of around £13,042.17 to be a Drake superfan. Drake also ranks first on the Hip Hop fandom list.

Ed Sheeran is second on the UK list and holds a record for the highest number of shows in the past five years. He performed at 115 shows in the UK and 22 times in France over five years. He is the second most expensive artist in the fandom list, and one would need to spend around £9,191.92 to be his superfan in the UK. The ‘Perfect’ artist ranks fourth on the France list and would cost a superfan around €2,169.18.

The top artist on both lists, despite very few shows in the past five years, being an Adele superfan in the UK would cost €4,545.95 in France and £4,424.58 in the UK. She also ranks number one in the R&B superfan list, with one track costing £1.08.

BTS enjoys a global fandom, and these two countries are not strangers to BTS either. Similar to Adele, the BTS band has performed very few shows and still tops as one of the most expensive music artist fandoms to be a part of. One has to spend nearly £4,795.50 in the UK and €4,011.50 in France. BTS concerts are the most expensive and cost £678.94 and €793.46 each in the UK and France.

Among electronic superfans, the most expensive artist is Major Lazer costing around £631.48, involving the cost of live performances and merchandise. Other categories involve Pop, Indie and Rock, and R&B.

Other artists on the list include Dua Lipa, Metallica, Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Imagine Dragons, and others.

To view the entire list, visit the Betway blog.


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