Teaching as a Profession

Teaching is a gratifying profession. As a teacher, you can influence young minds and help shape the leaders of the future. Before you decide to get into the career of teaching, it is wise to know some statistics about your future salary because not only do you want to have a profession that you love, but you also have to make enough income to support yourself.

How Much Do Teachers Earn Every Year?

If you wonder how much money does a teacher make a year, let me tell you that a teacher’s salary can vary depending on various factors. First of all, it depends on what grade level the teacher may be teaching. The following are statistics from different grade levels when it comes to teaching:

  • Preschool:$25,000 to $43,000,
  • Elementary school: $51,000 to $61,000,
  • Middle school: $48,000 to $62,000,
  • High school: $49,000-$63,000.

Work Environment

The work environment has an impact and what a teacher will earn as well. Private school teachers, for example, generally earn less than public schools teachers. On average, a private school teacher will earn about $50,000 a year, while a public school teacher will earn about $ 57,000. This is mainly due to the environment. A public school teacher generally has a much larger class size. Apart from that, public schools are open to all students, and they are free. Private schools are quite different. In private schools, parents have invested in their child’s education. This gives the family and the child more of a push to succeed. Apart from that, private schools have smaller classrooms and are generally easier to manage.

Teacher Salary by Education or Degree

This has a huge impact on how much you will make as a teacher when it comes to higher education. As stated before, the average salary for a public school teacher is about $57,000. A new teacher who has a masters degree will earn about $8000 more dollars a year than a new teacher without one. Apart from that, a teacher with a masters degree and experience can earn up to $87,000 a year.

Teacher Salary By Region

Generally, the salary of a teacher will increase with the student population. For example, New York has a high student population, and the average salary for a teacher is about $75,000 there. At the same time, states where there is a high demand for teachers also pay more. For example, in Alaska, the average salary for a teacher is around $65,000.

How To Get a Teaching License

In order to get a teaching license, a teacher must hold a bachelors degree and complete an approved teachers program. After completing the program, you must receive a passing grade. Then, you will have to go through different background checks to begin teaching. Teacher’s licenses are not universal, so you do well to investigate the state that you live in.

So You Want To Teach

While teaching is a highly rewarding career, you should consider everything well before beginning the career trajectory. You want to know what your average salary will be according to where you will teach. You may choose to become a teacher whether the pay is good or not. Still, planning is required to make an educated decision about your future career. To learn more about careers in teaching, visit EducationDegree.com.


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