Here we will talk about, how much do kickers make in the NFL? As we know people love to watch sports and all have their favorite players. Fans want to know more about their favorite players. They are always curious to know about their personal details and other things. Nowadays, people want to know their salary. Here are many things for telling.

How Much Do Kickers Make In The NFL

People are searching for this. Here we will tell you all the things about the salary. You are on the right page for getting the right information. Here we will tell you everything with facts. We will explain the salary details.  Let’s continue the article. Keep reading.

How Much Do Kickers Make In The NFL?

Evan Mc Pherson was the captain when the kicker led the Cincinnati Bengals to the round of the NFL Conference but what compares to his salary with others within the league? So It was a tight game at Nissan Stadium as the Tennessee Titans took on the Cincinnati Bengals for a spot in the NFL Conference playoff games.

Firstly, we will talk about their salary, specialist kickers in the NFL are not often the most well-known players on the team. The highest NFL salaries the best kickers command- the method you want them to change a chance and not send it high and wide. In the season of 2021/22, an NFL kicker’s salary ranges from $ 5 million a year to about $ 700,000. Keep reading.

According to the sources, Justin Tucker is the elevated paid NFL kicker at the $ 5 million a year at the Baltimore Ravens- with $ 3.6 million coming in base salary. The rest comes in a sign-up bonus spread over the four years of his present contract.

If we take a look at other kickers, they are earning more than $ 4 million including Graham Gano (New York Giants), Brendon McManus (Denver Broncos), and Ryan Succop (Tampa Bay Buccaneers). Keep reading.

If we try to know about the lowest-paid of NFL kickers it is Austin Seibert of the Cleveland Browns.  In 2022, he will make just under $ 1 million in base salary for the season. The average for his contract is $ 695,000 – which expires this year. Evan McPherson’s salary, so he signed a 4-year contract with the Bengals when he was drafted in 2021.

His average salary will be around the $ 950,000 mark, with him earning $ 825,000 in 2022, and a little more through a sign-up bonus. We have shared all the information about the salary which we have. Stay tuned for more updates.


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