How Many People Died on January 6, 2022?: If you are wondering what we are talking about, what happened on this day. We will give you the exact information in this article. On this day an incident happened in the U.S. This incident happened on 6th January 2021, in which an attack made by the supporters of  Donald Trump, the President of U.S. The supporters were presented there in thousand in Washington. This happened because the Congress joint session made a meeting and gathered people to make win Joe Biden’s in elections. After knowing this Donald trump also gathered a team of people which is more than a thousand in front of the White House.

How Many People Died On January 6 2022 Who Died In Choas and Carnage On Jan 6 In US

A rally held near the white house which tensed the Capitol Hill. In the rally, Trump gave the speech and said that they will never conced and never give up. He approached the president of the Senate that he should reject the votes of Biden’s and gives it back to the states. He also said that if Mike is not going to stand for the better of our constitution he is going to be disappointed. After his speech, the rally supporters started to move to the Capitol buildings. They all moved to the U.S capital. How Many People Died on January 6, 2022?

At around 1 pm the supporters reached there and they broke the barriers to go inside the building. The protesters then overcome the officers who were there for security. They broke the last barrier of the building and entered the building. Protesters broke the glass of the windows and open the windows and gates to get enter more protesters. They tried to enter in Senate chamber. One of the protesters jumped from the first floor to enter in the same. After all this Mike tweeted a video saying that Trump has to stop this all, as he only gathered the public and motivated them to take this step.

Who Died In This Attack?

As this protest killed many officers. This attack killed seven officers who were on duty in the U.S Capitol. Ashli Babbitt who was killed mistaken by the officer as one of the protestors who tried to breach. Kevin Greeson, he died due to a heart attack. Another was Rosanne Boyland who was crushed by the protestors.

An officer Brian was killed by a mob on 7th Jan. Jefferey Smith he killed himself after the attack. One officer died thinking he killed an officer he could save him but he can’t. These all officers gave their life in this attack which was done by the one mistake of Donald. Stay connected for more latest information.

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