How did Joshua Plath die and what was his cause of death?: Recently, the renowned pair Kim and Barry Plath spoke about an accident that happened many years back that costs the life of their 17-month-old son named Joshua Plath. According to the reports, Joshua Plath died back in 2008 in an accident. Reportedly, his parents Kim and Barry Plath spoke about that accident on Tuesday night’s episode of Welcome To Plathville. The two hours long episode that aired on Tuesday once again shed the light on Joshua Plath’s accident. Since Tuesday, people are searching for what happened to Joshua Plath and how did he die. Keep reading it and must take a look below for more details. Follow More Updates On

Joshua Plath

How did Joshua Plath die?

Kim and Berry Plath introduced their nine children on their show titled Welcome to Plathville. Their nine children are Micah, Hosanna, Ethan, Lydia, Moriah, Issac, Cassia, Mercy, and Amber. While their tenth child was Joshua Plath who is no more. Reportedly, Joshua Plath passed away after involving in an accident that happened in their backyard in 2008. What is Welcome To Plathville and where does it revolve? Reportedly, Welcome to Plathville revolves around the parents of nine children Kim and Barry Plath who grew their children religiously, barred from sugar drinks, conservatively, homeschooled, and sheltered from technology at their isolated 50-acre farm located in Georgia. Kindly take a look below to learn further.

Joshua Plath Death Cause

In a recent episode of their show Welcome to Plathville the couple revealed that they are separating from each other after living together for 24 years. And they also revealed that they will continue to remain loyal to their children. But what happened to Joshua Plath and how did he die? Joshua Plath was born on 15th April 2007 and he died after 17 months after his birth in 2008. After ten years of Joshua Plath’s demise, his parent appeared on television. And recently they spoke about their tenth child who is no more.

Who was Joshua Plath?

According to them, Joshua Plath died in a farming accident that occurred in the backyard of their house. The toddler reportedly was playing in the backyard when his mom Kim drove her car to move fruit trees to Georgia and she accidentally hit her 17 months old toddler. She revealed this story in an episode of Welcome to Plathville. Kim said, “I had just seen him and I thought it was okay, But I ran over him”. It is also being reported that none of her children witness the tragedy at the farm.


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