Here we are sharing a piece of sad news with you, that two 17 years-old girls and a 15 years-old boy were found dead on Monday. According to the report, the scene was described by the authorities as a ‘double murder suicide’, and the fact that they witnessed signs of trauma at the crime scene. The dead teens are still to be identified.

texas teend die

This news vis very shocking for the people and the news is hitting the web. People are wondering about the matter. People want to know details regarding the viral news. Here we will share all the important points about the news, you are on the right page for getting everything. We will tell you the things with facts. Let’s find out the matter.

How did Three Texas Teens Die?

As per the report, The home where the three teenagers were found dead is situated around 25 miles in the northeast area of Houston, Texas. Let us tell you the lifeless bodies were found in the 45000 block of Woleck Road, east of custody. According to Ed Gonzalez, Sheriff of Harris County, the bodies were found by a family member who seemingly lives next door, and who then informed the police.

The other conference on Tuesday, said by Sheriff Gonzalez, at this initial stage of the incident, was related to the trauma and viewed it materialize that this can be a case of a possible double homicide and suicide.

However, this is yet under investigation., we are going to pursue the investigation further. Additionally, the suspected firearm was found inside the home where the teenagers’ bodies were found, and at the time of the deaths, the owner of the home was not at the house.

The motive of the death has not been determined by the authorities. If we talk about the relationship of three teenagers the relation is yet to be revealed. In Gonalez’s opinion, two of the three teenagers could have been connected and one was a familiarity. They say they have no idea about their full connection at this moment.

He said it is much more difficult when we are talking about young people. At the last, he said these are always highly charged and very emotional. They understand the situation of this case. They said the death was tragic and very sad, said Gonzalez. Their condolences go out to the family. We have shared all the details of the news which have. Stay connected for more updates.


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