A piece of very shocking news coming from Florida that a young mother was lost her life after her child shot her to death. So, the news is actually wrenching many hearts but people searching to know the real cause of death or incident that happened with the woman.

Who was Shamaya Lynn

The woman was on a work zoom call and suddenly she falls down from her seat after a loud bang sound. When she did not get up, her co-workers were the ones who call on 911. Many people who were available on the zoom call watched the entire incident in which she gets a hit from a gunshot on the head and falls down from her chair.

How Did Shamaya Lynn Die?

The name of the woman was Shanaya Lynn and she is no more alive. The news of these types is not unique as many cases have been reported by the locals in California, Mexico, Florida. Another similar case was in which a school owner Matthey Taylor Coleman was arrested for killing his two children with a spearfishing gun in Mexico.

Apart from this, Lauren Ashley Baker was also charged with accidentally killing her two years old child by ingesting Fentanyl. Many cases have comes in front after this ones.

If we talk about the woman then her name was Shanaya Lynn who is 21 years old from Altamonte Springs, Florida. On Wednesday 11th August 2021, she has been shot dead by her child while she was on work zoom video call.

Who Was Shamaya Lynn?

Her co-workers also watched the entire incident that happened with her as she was first shot by a gun and then she falls down from her chair and never gets up. When the woman falls down backward, the child with the gun clearly appearing in the video call and then one of her co-workers calls 911.

When the team reached Lynn’s house, they found Lynn dead at her home. According to the sources, Lynn was killed by a gun that belongs to her husband. Shanaya and her husband have two children in which one becomes the accused in the kill of Shanaya. Currently, the boy has been put in the care of relatives.

Not only this, but the police also investigate the entire incident and finding some more clues in it. There have been no charges filed in the case but the investigation is going on. We will update here all the information and you just need to stay connected with us.


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