How did Rocky Tyler Howell die and what was his cause of death? Accident Details Explained: In this article, we will be talking about the local from Port Charlotte, Florida who allegedly died this year in the month of February. We will be discussing his life, family, and how he died. So, stay tuned if you want to about the local known as Rocky Tyler Howell. Rocky was a teen and was about 17 years of age, he lost his life on 15 February and his family was left in a sad state and they felt like the world was lost to them. Follow More Updates On

Rocky Tyler Howell

How did Rocky Tyler Howell die?

Rocky was a young teen who still had a life ahead of him and was a very smart and cheerful man. However, his untimely death had come very early and shocked all the people who used to know him. The death of Rocky Tyler was confirmed by his family on the internet, however, the reason for his death has not been started and so there is not much information on how Rocky died. There is a page that has been made in the memories of the young man and there were many condolences paid to Rocky.

There were many messages that were posted on his obituary page and they were all emotional and very touching which shows that Rocky was really loved by the people around him. He had a lot of hobbies which include fishing, listening to Upchurch and country music, kayaking, as well as having fun with his friends. Also, he had spent two years in Port Charlotte High School’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program. His cheerful personality, smile, and dedication to his friends and family will never be forgotten and people will keep remembering them.

Rocky Tyler Howell Death Cause

There were many posts on Twitter as well where Rocky was being paid tributes. Many of them were his close friends and relatives and they had shared all their emotions to express what he meant to them. His friend had written on Twitter, “Hey fuggin, it’s Aiden. I’m missing you more and more every day, and I know that you are loved and missed by everyone. It’s hard to think about you being gone, sometimes I forget, and I think about calling or texting you when I have an issue.”

Rocky was born to his parents Roy A. Howell and Kelly Howell and was raised by them in Florida. However, they were not always living there and had moved from Ohio when Rocky was just a child. He had four siblings as well. His loss has been a huge tragedy for the family and friends. Hopefully, the time would have worked and healed them. RIP to Rocky Tyler Howell.


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