Unfortunately, there is sad news that appears in our knowledge that the personality Robert Kurowski dies at age 45 years. He was a resident of Fort Mohave, Arizona and currently it is shocking news for Mohave Country. He was the stepfather of James Rosario When police started the investigation they found James Rosario Dowing is the prime suspect in this case.

robert kurowski

No doubt the police are doing well and definitely they will take further actions to solve the case. The death cause is here with some other facts news. Don’t miss it for any condition.

How Did Robert Kurowski Die?

The death cause is not yet found exactly and the dead body of Robert Kurowski has been found at his home in Mohave. Although it was confirmed there was robbery happened because his car has missing from the parking area. Later another news comes and the same look car is seen in a nearby area.

As further action, the Police arrested James Rosario Dowing. Besides this info, the remaining details are yet to be disclosed by the Police investigation team. Most probably you will see the information in few hours. Stay connected to know more related to this shocking case.

Mohave Valley Man Robert Kurowski Found Dead

After the news, his friends shared condolence over the death. One of his friend wrote Jeremy Pyke wrote on Facebook:”Rob I can’t even say we were good friends but you were the nicest guy to me and my wife and all we talked about were our daughters when we met. My heart hurts for your family and you didn’t deserve this. Rest easy brotha…”

If there is any other news come in our knowledge then we will tell you briefly. The death cause is the most curious and important question which is yet to solve by the investigation team. Possibly, we will try our best and get the latest info regarding the case.


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