How did Richard Okorogheye die and what was his cause of death? Missing Boy Found Dead: In this article, we will shower light on the death case of Richard Okorogheye who was found dead back in 2021 during the pandemic. According to the source, Richard Okorogheye was a 19 years old teen when he was discovered dead. When the news of Richard Okorogheye’s death surfaced on the internet ample speculations were being made by the people on the internet but nobody could manage to get the exact report of Richard Okorogheye’s cause of death. Follow More Updates On

Richard Okorogheye

How did Richard Okorogheye die?

However, the Metropolitan Police have claimed that the teen might have committed suicide but the family members of Richard Okorogheye have declined to accept the claims made by the authorities. What actually happened with Richard Okorogheye when he died? Let’s explore this in the next section and find out how did Richard Okorogheye die. Drag down.

Reportedly, Richard Okorogheye was found unresponsive or unconscious on April 5th, 2021. It was a time when the government declared a pandemic and imposed a lockdown across the country due to the outbreak. Furthermore, Richard Okorogheye reportedly went missing two weeks before being found dead on 5th April 2019.

Richard Okorogheye Death Reason

As per the source, Richard Okorogheye’s parents were frequently asking the Metropolitan Police department to give importance to Richard Okorogheye’s case but officers only consider his case as a missing case. After two weeks Richard Okorogheye’s parents were informed about his demise. Keep reading this article for more.

As per the source, his corpse was discovered in an Epping Forest pond after two weeks after his missing report. Reportedly, his parents lodged a missing complaint on 22nd March 2021. Now it has been a long period since Richard Okorogheye departed but investigators have not been able to find a strong piece of evidence that can confirm there was no second person involved in the death case of Richard Okorogheye. This is the reason police are considering it a suicide case. But the deceased’s parents are sure that their son could not commit suicide as he was not a coward.

Who was Richard Okorogheye?

As per the source, the 19 years old missing boy was found 20 miles away from his house. Richard Okorogheye’s corpse was recovered in Epping Forest, Essex. Furthermore, the investigators did not find any clue that can confirm the role of any second person in the death. Also, no foul play was spotted at the scene. This is the reason officers are claiming that he might have taken his own life.


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